The Fundamentals of Bodybuilding and Physique Sculpting

By Charles Glass and written by Neal Cochran

World’s Top Bodybuilding Trainer Shows You How to Design Tailor-Made Workouts for Yourself and Take Your Training to the Next, Professional Level
This eBook will introduce you to the exact same exercises and training methods Charles uses with his clients, such as
Flex Wheeler, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

This is a rare (maybe once in a lifetime) chance to learn the secrets of bodybuilding from the man himself, without spending thousands of dollars.
Here is what you are going to discover in the book: 

  • The list of the best exercises for each muscle group (with video instructions)
  • How many sets and reps you should do per body part
  • How to use pyramiding and reverse pyramiding for maximal gains
  • The ideal speed of the rep (and when to use ‘dead stops’)
  • Why you should use a weight belt on virtually all exercises
  • The principles you should keep in mind when looking for the perfect training split
  • 8 tried-and-true sample workouts you can try immediately

Why Wait? Get the book now:

This your opportunity to learn from Charles' 35 years of Experience Sculpting Championship Physiques

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workout program

How to Design a Workout Program

Generic, one-size-fits-all programs have never brought real results to anyone. You need a routine that is tailor made to your body.In this book, you will discover how to combine different exercises and training splits, and adjust rest periods, speed of reps and angles in order to get the most out of the workouts and push your body to the limits. (FYI, personal trainers
charge A LOT for this)


How to Make Your Workouts More Effective

When it comes to increasing intensity and making workouts even more effective by making small shifts, Charles is second to none. His bag is full of tricks, including Pyramiding, Reverse pyramiding, Dead stops etc. and he finally decided to share them.

Video Links to See Proper Form

As you should know by now, you can’t ‘out-lift’ a bad form. With the video links he added for all exercises mentioned in the book, you will be able to make sure your form is good. That means faster results and less injuries. You are welcome.

Charles Glass's Recommended Workouts for Private Clients

Normally, you would have to pay hundreds of dollars for a workout designed by Charles Glass, but in this book you get 8 of his proven workouts for free.

Neal Cochran

About the Author: Neal Cochran

“I have been weight training since I was 15 years old. My genetics are average at best. I thought I had read and tried everything to gain weight and have success in the gym until I had the opportunity to train with Charles. I was blown away by what he showed me. I felt muscle recruitment I had never experienced before. I have used his techniques for the past four years to make the greatest gains of my life. Once I saw and used what Charles showed me, I looked around my local gym and realized that about 98% of the people there were doing things incorrectly. It dawned on me as to why they look the same year after year and never seem to make progress.

I made it my personal mission to learn everything I could from Charles. Charles loves helping others make progress in the gym. Therefore, we put this book together so anyone interested could have the chance to learn from Charles’ wisdom and expertise. Once you learn Charles’ techniques, there is no reason that you should not be able to develop the type of body that could be featured in a movie like 300."

WARNING! Training with the Godfather of Bodybuilding Is Not for Everyone

Are You Up for the Challenge?

There is a good reason why Flex Wheeler, Magic Johnson, Dexter Jackson and thousands of others have decided to trust Charles with their bodies.

He delivers.

However, training his way isn’t the easiest thing you will do today, so if you are not ready to go all-in – don’t bother.

What it is going to be?

Get the EBook and Start Training Like a Pro Today!

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