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The Secrets To Building The Ultimate Female Body

Learn the secrets of building the ultimate female body from the master trainer of champions himself, without spending thousands of dollars.

By Charles Glass and written by Neal Cochran

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This your opportunity to learn from Charles’ 35 years of Experience Sculpting Championship Physiques

Peak Inside The Book

This is a rare (maybe once in a lifetime) chance to learn the secrets of bodybuilding from the man himself, without spending thousands of dollars.

Here is what you are going to discover in the book:

Over 40 videos in this book. The videos give play by play instructions on how to perform basic exercises. Once you learn Charles’ techniques, you can expand upon them by joining our membership site.

WARNING! Training with the Godfather of Bodybuilding Is Not for Everyone

Are You Up for the Challenge?

There is a good reason why Flex Wheeler, Magic Johnson, Dexter Jackson and thousands of others have decided to trust Charles with their bodies.

He delivers.

However, training his way isn’t the easiest thing you will do today, so if you are not ready to go all-in – don’t bother.

What it is going to be?