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If you have few hundred dollars to spare (per day), you should close this page immediately and hire Charles to be your personal trainer. That’s by far the best, most effective bodybuilding asset money can buy. But if you are like most people - looking for a way to take your training to the next level and get professional-like results without breaking the bank – this is the place to be.

The Member's Area will enable you to:

  • Get behind the scenes and see what professional bodybuilders, athletes, and celebrities do in the gym when no one is watching.
  • Learn all of the exercises and unique techniques Charles uses with his private clients and implement them into your training.
  • Say goodbye to the self-proclaimed gurus and personal trainers (PT). Save THOUSANDS of dollars (Membership is 10 times cheaper than the average PT’s monthly fee)!

Charles has done all of the thinking for you. Your only job is to follow his instructions and LIFT

Forget personal trainers, say goodbye to ‘fitness gurus’ you see on social media and never Google for ‘bodybuilding routine’ again. By just watching a video every day, you will get all your bodybuilding questions answered. 

It literally can’t get any simpler:

  1. Watch the video
  2. Go straight to the gym and do everything Charles instructed
  3. Rest assured that you had one hell of a workout

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