GOB Weight Belt


Charles Glass is a big proponent of wearing a weight belt in the gym at all times.  People get several benefits when they regularly use a belt. It will train you to keep your waist tight and it will reduce the chances of injury.  Using a belt on leg day will help your hips open up, which is crucial to you being able to get a proper range of motion so you can recruit as many fibers as possible.

This belt is top notch quality. It is strong and sturdy, but is made of a leather that will not bruise your hips like other brands.  It is 4″ in width.  This size allows for you to have support while allowing you to have enough range of motion to perform your exercises with ease.

The belt is only available in black & white. It has an embossed GOB symbol on the belt loop.

To choose the right size follow the Chart on the slides!

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Weight 1.625 lbs
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