A) EZ Bar Front Presses4×8-10
B) Dumbbell Upright Row4×8-10
C) Bent Over Lateral Raise, Pinky Elevated4×8-10
D) Lower Trap Shrugs4×8-10
E) Hammer Strength Shoulder Press Machine, Facing

F) Angled Side Lateral Raises

A) Precor Preacher Curls4×8-10
B) Icarian Single Arm Curls4×8-10
C) Hoist Drag Curls

4×8-10   ​
A) Triceps Pushdown Superset with Close Grip Bench4×8-10
B) Skullcrushers4×8-10
C) Dip Machine4×8-10
A) Single Lying Leg Curls4×8-10
B) Seated Leg Curls4×8-10
C) Stiff Legged Deadlifts4×8-10
D) Dumbbell Squats 4×8-10
A) Seated Calf Raises 4×15
B) Donkey Calf Raises4×15
C) Two Step Calf Raises4×15
A) Leg Extensions 4×15
B) Precor Single Leg Hack Squat with Pad4×10
C) Free Motion Back Squat4 x10
D) Leg Press4 x 12
E) Vertical Leg Press3×12
A) Shoulder Width Parallel Grip Pulldowns4×8-10
B) Seated Cable Rows on a Box4×8-10
C) Standing Narrow Grip Pulldowns

*Use Parallel Grip Handle if you do not have the grip shown in video
D) T Bar Rows4×8-10
A) Incline Barbell Bench4×8-10
B) Decline Hammer Strength with Pad4×8-10
C) Incline Parallel Grip Cybex Bench Press Machine4×8-10
D) Hammer Strength Fly Machine4×8-10

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    1. Did you get the Charles Glass book? It lays out how you can do it in there. Do you want a five day or six day workout program?

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